Campaign Strategy and Management
for Political, Advocacy and Corporate Clients

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Our practice, which began as a narrowly focused political consulting firm, has grown over the last ten years to working with Corporations, NGO's, and Trade Associations.

At the heart of our expertise is the ability to quickly asses the viability of a campaign or project. Our survey research methods are tested every election cycle and has a historical statistical accuracy of 96%, forged from years of experience and a dynamic approach to the most efficient and accurate methods of data collection. 

Spencer Kimball, Founder and CEO of KPC, always says in regards to survey research, that “the answer is in the question.” Knowing the correct question to ask is the first step to our success, and we have discovered that is that it’s not the data, but the value you can create from the data, which makes it part of a winning strategy.

Our research provides you a better understanding of your audience's concerns, and can answer the following questions: 

  • What is my electorate’s sense and opinion of the Candidate?

  • What issues are most important to my electorate?

  • What words should be used in my campaign message?

  • How effective is my campaign message?

Kimball Political Consulting is not "too good to be true." We are results-driven and deliver strategic messages for causes like yours every day. If you’re looking for the people that will treat your cause as their own, and deliver results on a national scale, you found us.


We have a proven track record of success, and make customer service our first priority.


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